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The Red Queen was an advanced A.I. designed and built by Dr. Charles Ashford, with its holographic interface patterned after his nine-year-old daughter Angela. The Red Queen maintained the security for the Hive, and essentially was in complete control of the entire facility. When the T-Virus was released and spread throughout the facility via the ventilation ducts due to Spencer Parks' (Percival Parks) attempt to steal it, the Red Queen took steps to contain the outbreak. Unfortunately for everyone working in the Hive, this entailed locking the facility down and killing all the employees trapped inside in a variety of nasty ways.

When an Umbrella commando team led by One entered the Hive, unaware of the viral outbreak and knowing only that they were to shut the computer down, the Red Queen defended itself by trapping One and three other commandoes inside its entrance corridor, then slicing them all to pieces using a defensive laser system.

Regardless, the team's computer expert, Chad Kaplan (Bart Kaplan), managed to deactivate the Red Queen's defenses. He and Alice then got inside the control room, and the Queen, knowing that being it deactivated meant all the doors would unlock and unleash the now-zombified Umbrella workers, tried to persuade Kaplan not to do it, but he did it anyway. Thus, the remnants of the commando team came under attack from hordes of zombies, not to mention a Licker.

After the group retreated back to the Red Queen's control room, Alice, having had enough, turned the Queen back on and made it show them the way out of the Hive; if the Queen failed to comply, they would overload her system using a remote control that Kaplan had and fry her. For a while, the Red Queen was cooperative, until it realized that Rain Ocampo (Rain Melendez) was infected.

Refusing to allow her to leave, the Queen attempted to force Alice and Matthew Addison to kill Rain by trapping them in a small lab with the Licker outside the window, refusing to set them free until they'd killed Rain. Instead, Kaplan (thought to have been killed by zombies a short time before) appeared, the remote control in hand, and pressed the button. The Red Queen overloaded, fried, and shut down, and was no more.

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