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Amos Fortune is a male comic supervillain who features in DC Comics.



Amos Fortune

When he was young, a gambling debt was responsible for killing Amos's father leaving his mother to care for their child alone and leaving the family in abject poverty. The only thing left to him was his father's 'lucky' deck of cards where his ties to it led to an obsession that made him good in card games. In high school, he was bullied by other kids due to his obesity but he quickly learnt to defend himself and attacked his bullies when they picked on him. When he was 16 years old, he used his talent in card games to cause his class mates to gamble where he frequently relieved them of their lunch money when they lost the games. Around this time, he began to establish a small network consisting of four other students that helped him as lookouts and shills in these endeavours. In time, these fellow students helped him pursue the gambling debts from others in more forceful manner and his comrades became the closest thing to friends for Fortune. Eventually, they took their criminal ventures to the next stage which involved robbing the local merchants where Amos's talents as being lucky first manifested. Their growing success eventually led them to Jimmy the Gent who was a lieutenant of the local mob and under his tutelage they began to embark on bigger targets. Jimmy then had Amos attend a high stakes poker game after noting his talent in cards and wanting to clear the other attendees of the event. Amos managed to win the game but the other gamblers believed he was cheating leading to a massive fight where Fortune along with his comrades killed all the attackers. After collecting the money, Amos decided not to return to Jimmy and instead used their ill-gotten gains to reinvent themselves leading to the creation of the first Royal Flush Gang. (Justice League of America v2 #36)

Afterwards, he came to be involved in a wager with Roulette with them seeing who would win between his Royal Flush Gang and her manipulating the Justice League. Despite his advantages, Fortune lost when his minions were defeated with the Justice League uncovering his secret hide-out. Amos along with Roulette sought to escape via speedboat which seemingly crashed and killed them though in reality the pair survived as they went into hiding. Professor Fortune was operating in New Orleans when he was tracked by Enid Markham whose husband was the former Two of Clubs in the Royal Flush Gang until he was killed by Amos with her wanting to get revenge. Despite his pleas, she refused to hear Fortune and fired several gunshots at him seemingly killing him. (Justice League of America v2 #37)


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  • Amos Fortune was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky where he made his first appearance in Justice League of America v1 #6 (August–September, 1961).

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