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The Beastials are a race of beings that feature in Spider-Man Unlimited.



The Beastials were created fifty years ago by the High Evolutionary on Counter-Earth in his attempt at bringing order to a chaotic Human world. He felt that Beastials were superior to Humans and would be free from the violent tendencies of man. After conquering the planet, the Beastials became the dominant race with Humanity being relegated to the status of second class citizens.

Within his New York City facility, the High Evolutionary maintained Lab-1 where he conducted his scientific experiments in evolving and improving his creations. However, a number of these experiments turned out to be failures that became known as Rejects that were considered failures. These were taken to work in Lab-1 in a labor role and when their usefulness was used up then their bodies would be used to create chemicals for the next generation of Beastials. A number of these Rejects would manage to escape underground where they created a shadow society living in fear of the High Evolutionary and seeking to find a means to survive. (Episode: Sustenance)

Due to the domination of the planet by the Beastials, many Humans felt intense hatred for this animal hybrid men and saw the rise of the Human Revolution. This was reciprocated by the Beastials many of whom despised Humans. The fate of the species is unknown as the Symbiotes unleashed a wave of spores to convert the entire planet as hosts for their kind.


Beastials were Humanoid in shape but took characteristics from various animals among their kind such as rhinos, rams, lions and other native Earth species. They were capable of speech and were the elite citizens on Counter Earth. Some were notably stronger then Humans. The primary police force of the Beastials were the Machine Men

The highest order within Beastial society was held by the Knights of Wundagore who served as the High Evolutionary's personal enforcers.

Though not Beastials, a related breed of hybrid creatures were the Chimera who were large beasts of two animal traits and used as beasts of burden. These included:

  • Demolition Chimera : these were giant hybrids of rhino and whales that used brute strengths to demolish structures.
  • Excavation Chimera : these were giant hybrids of mole and elephants that were used for digging underground for excavation operations.

They apparently exclaimed under the Double Helix rather then by God. Despite the love of their creator being on them, the Beastials are also subject to harsh punishments for failure. Failing in a alpha level project means DNA recycling for a Beastial.

Aquatic Beastials

Some Beastials were bred simply for work like those are the water purification plant where their fish like nature is exploited to clean the tanks. These were blue skinned creatures with sharp digits on their hands and legs. They had a long fin at their spine and had a cat-fish style mouth. Whether they could survive outside an aquatic environment is unknown. They were constantly shocked and forced to perform their duties which meant that they held no sympathies for their overseers and even killed them if they accidently fell into the purification tanks.


These were the unwanted members of Beastial society who were considered abominations and mistakes by the High Evolutionary. They were more monstrous in appearance and were exiles from society. In order to survive from the High Evolutionary's rule, these rejects are forced to live underground far away from the surface where they would be captured and quite possibly killed. Many rejects were created as part of the High Evolutionarys experiments which created chemicals that were used to form the next generation of Beastials. The rejects often tried to save these members of their kind and hide in the underground chambers where they live in a shadow society in peace.

Chimera Hybrids

The Beastials employed various animals which were a mixture of different species traits to serve as beasts of burden. This included a Demolition Chimera which was a giant rhino used to demolish buildings and was a fusion of rhino as well a whale qualities. Another creature was the Excavation Chimera which was a large burrowing mammal that had elephant and mole features used for digging.


  • Lord Tiger :
  • Lady Vermin :
  • Sir Ram :
  • Lady Ursula :


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