Bedelia Grantham

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Aunt Bedelia

Bedelia Grantham was the daughter of Nathan Grantham and aunt of Sylvia Grantham. When her father was 84 years old, it was Bedelia who took care of him in his old age in the Grantham family's isolated and mostly-empty mansion. Then she met and fell in love with Peter Yarbro, and planned to marry him.

Nathan sent an assassin to kill Yarbro so that Bedelia could come back to nursing him full-time. Bedelia, who according to Sylvia had always been slightly off, went crazy and on Father's Day murdered her father by bashing his head in with a marble ashtray as he bellowed for his Father's Day cake.

For seven years after that, Bedelia felt guilty for killing her father and would visit his grave in the family cemetary each Father's Day. On the seventh Father's Day of this, Nathan Grantham came back to life and killed his daughter by strangling her to death.


Bedelia Grantham appeared in Father's Day.

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