Nathan Grantham

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Nathan shortly before his death.

Nathan Grantham was the patriarch of the Grantham family, a rich and evil old man who in 1910 had made his family's fortune in bootlegging and murder-for-hire. He was 84 at the time of his death, and had a bizarre obsession with Father's Day that led him to constantly demand his cake on that day.

In 1976, his daughter Bedelia Grantham began taking time away from looking after him in his old age to visit her fiance Peter Yarbro, a jealous Nathan sent an underling to kill Yarbro. Initially this had no repercussions for Nathan until, on Father's Day, Bedelia killed him by hitting him over the head with a marble ashtray. He was buried in the family cemetary.

Nathan rises from his grave in search of cake.

Seven years later, though, for unclear reasons Nathan rose from the dead as a rotting, skeletal zombie to seek revenge against his relatives, but mostly to get the Father's Day cake he never had. He killed both his daughter Bedelia and his great niece Sylvia Grantham, as well as his great great niece Cass' husband Hank Blaine and the family cook Mrs. Danvers, before he finally acheived this goal.


  • Nathan Grantham appeared in Father's Day.
  • He was played while he was alive by Jon Lormer, and as a zombie by John Amplas. Amplas was credited as "Nathan's Corpse."
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