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Billie (1980 - ?), full name Jennifer Billingsworth, was a childhood friend of Walky (who gave her the nickname "Billie"). She was also babysat on a regular basis by Ruth. Growing up used to getting her way and with a bit of a mean streak, she was caught up in the popular crowd in high school, becoming a cheerleader. She also developed a habit for partying and fooling around with lots of guys. However, once she graduated and went to college as a journalism major, she found that she'd lost her purpose in life (or, perhaps, discovered she had little purpose to begin with). Meeting up with Ruth again, she roomed in the same house as Ruth and her friends, taking up the new habit of getting drunk. She even wound up in a brief relationship with Ruth during this time, the pair being drawn together by their troubles.

After Danny met Ruth, he was introduced to Billie, and the two took a near-instant dislike of one another- Danny seeing Billie as a bitter drunk, Billie seeing Danny as a holier-than-thou stick-in-the-mud. However, all that changed after Ruth died saving Danny's life. The two were at first drawn to each other by their shared pain, then slowly discovered an attraction for each other- leading Billie to focus on becoming a sober, responsible person. The pair stayed together after graduating college, although Billie had to struggle to find a journalism job. She also had to struggle against Danny's ex-girlfriend Sal, who was still very interested in Danny (and he in her)- but in the end, Billie's strong will won out against Sal.

Billie tried to find opportunities for stories by following SEMME after they were revealed to the world, involving her in trouble on occasion. After the final battle between SEMME and the Martians, Billie presumably lived happily every after with Danny.

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