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SEMME was a government agency, created sometime in the 1970s to combat extraterrestrial threats on Earth.


SEMME had its roots in an earlier, unidentified agency which included the future Linda Walkerton and Anthony McHenry. After that agency defeated the Martians on Earth, SEMME was formed, with McHenry as its first Big Boss. Located outside Denver, Colorado, they battled the Head Alien and similar threats. In honor of Linda Walkerton, its members wore a yellow stripe across their shirts.

After many of the Head Alien's abductees reached adolescence and began to manifest strange powers (from their Martian DNA-enhanced physiologies), they were gradually taken into SEMME and formed into squadrons, each assigned to battle the alien threat.

SEMME managed to remain secret for many years, until they were forcibly revealed to the public by the resurrected Head Alien and a deranged Sal. At first the agency's members became celebrities, but public opinion gradually turned against them due to the efforts of people like Bart O'Ryan. In addition, they learned that they were partially supported by Dargon Chesterfield's group, for his own purposes. They were finally dissolved just before the Martians attacked Earth in 2004. SEMME's members fought against the invaders anyway, even though many died in the process.

SEMME was replaced in late 2004 by a new agency, which included some of SEMME's more mentally stable members (such as Jason Chesterfield).

Known Squadrons


SEMME stands for something, but even It's Walky! creator David Willis forgot exactly what that was.

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