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Online comic strip, created by David Willis, featuring the battles of the secret government agency SEMME against alien threats. Evolving from an earlier strip by Willis, Roomies! (started September 8, 1997), It's Walky! mixed comedy with action and angst. The strip officially ended October 27, 2004, replaced by Roomies! Redux (new strips set during the second year of Roomies!), but Willis agreed to do additional It's Walky! strips contingent on weekly donations. Roomies! Redux ended on May 19, 2005, but the new It's Walky! strips evolved into a new strip, Joyce and Walky! A spin-off strip set in the same universe is Shortpacked!

Canon Material


It's Walky! officially crossed over with Melonpool, and various references since have secured their existing in the same universe. The cast of Fans crossed universes to meet the It's Walky! crew in another official crossover. It's Walky! also included a cameo from a character from Funny Farm, while Shortpacked! featured a cameo by characters from Rip and Teri.



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