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The Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance is an organization that features in Resident Evil 5.



The Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) was an organization created to help stem the tide against Bio-Organic Weapon threats. It was established in the wake of the Umbrella Corporation's dissolution in 2003 when many pharmaceutical companies saw their B.O.W. research enter into the black market. This led to them falling into the hands of organized crime elements and terrorists causing the death of many lives around the world. To combat this threat, the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium decided to create an anti-terrorist task force to combat bio-weapon threats with this becoming the Bioterrorism Security and Assessment Alliance.

On March 2009, Chris Redfield was dispatched to Kijuju to investigate a black market deal that involved a mysterious virus and ties to Ricardo Irving. Redfield had received information that his former partner Jill Valentine was still alive and intended to find her there. Upon landing, he met up with fellow agent Sheva Alomar where they worked to stop the spread of the secret doomsday project. Whilst investigating, the pair discovered many of the local inhabitants having been infected by a new strain of the Las Plagas parasites with the hosts seeking to murder the B.S.A.A. agents.



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