Ozwell E. Spencer

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Ozwell E. Spencer.

Ozwell E. Spencer is a male video game character who features in Resident Evil.



Oswell E. Spencer, The Earl Spencer (オズウェル・E・スペンサー Ozuweru Ī Supensā?) was a male human born in the 20th century. He was the child of a prominent and prestigious family which stood among the elites of European society for several generations. Spencer came to be a close friend of a fellow nobleman named Lord Edward Ashford and during his studies at university he knew a schoolmate named James Marcus. During the 1950's, he came to regularly invite the pair to his castle during Summer vacations. In the 1960's, he came to learn the existence of a mythical plant named the Stairway of the Sun that was said to exist in a remote location in Africa. Spencer decided to lead an expedition team to find and investigate this plant with laboratories being commissioned for its potential discovery. On the expedition, Spencer along with Marcus and his star pupil Brandon Bailey journeyed into Africa in 1966 with them finding a city of the once great Ndipaya Kingdom where there resided the secret underground Garden of the Sun that held the plant. From it, they came to discover a unique RNA virus that they came to refer to as the Progenitor Virus.

By 1968, Spencer alongside Sir Asford and Dr. Marcus came to co-found the Umbrella Corporation. Of the three, he is the sole surviving member and is the unopposed ruler of the corporation. He, Ashford and Marcus discovered the the Progenitor Virus, which they used to create the T-Virus. They then founded Umbrella to act as a cover for their bioweapons research.

He also had the Spencer Mansion built in the Arklay Mountains shortly thereafter, outside of Raccoon City, and killed its architect George Trevor and his family in order to eliminate anyone who might had known about the mansion's secrets. After the death of Edward Ashford, Lord Spencer and James Marcus fought for total control of Umbrella. Spencer won out eventually, ordering Albert Wesker to assassinate Marcus.

Although the T-Virus outbreak in Raccoon City in 1998 brought Umbrella's illicit activities to the attention of the United States government and many high-ranking Umbrella executives were extradicted to the US for their crimes, Spencer's fate remains unknown.


Personality and attributes

The only person he truly trusted was his loyal butler Patrick whose family had served the Spencers for generations.

Powers and abilities


In other media

Video games

  • In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Director Colcord made a brief appearance in the ending of Nemesis. Ozwell E. Spencer met with the Director and praised his work along with that of Weapon X. The Director similarly praised Spencer and noted that Weapon X had made only a few minor improvements to Nemesis.


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