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Las Plagas is a parasite that features in the Resident Evil games.



The Las Plagas parasite was first discovered by a religious order in Europe known as the Los Illuminados in a rural region of space. This cult began using the Plagas as a means of recruiting new members until the first castellan of the Salazar Family opposed their operations. The castellan's actions led to the defeat of the cult when the parasites were sealed off in his castle. As such, the Plagas remained trapped for centuries until the time of Ramon Salazar who was the eighth castellan of his family line. He would encounter a man by the name of Osmund Saddler who had reformed the Los Illuminados. Saddler managed to convince Salazar to join the cults ranks whereupon the seal trapping the Las Plagas was broken thus freeing them from their long imprisonment. To acquire them, the pair then began hiring the local villagers as miners to extract the parasites that had entered into a fossilized state. This gave them the appearance that the Las Plagas were dead but in fact they were still alive within the rocks below Salazar's castle as they were active on a microscopic level as spores within the fossil samples. As such, he excavation led to the unwitting miners inhaling the spores and allowed the rebirth of the parasites within their bodies. Thus, Saddler was able to recreate the parasites completely and began injecting their egg forms into potential hosts.


In appearance, they were a type of parasite that altered their host's behavior but attaching themselves internally to the nervous system. Initially, the Plagas was found in an undeveloped state within the lungs beneath the heart where they tapped into their host's spinal cord as a link to the rest of the nervous system. Unlike other parasites, they were actually a social organism that led to them operating together in social harmony. It was suggested that they had a collective intelligence similar to a hive mind that communicated through ultra high frequency sound waves. Unhatched Plagas were able to affect their hosts where they created symptoms such as briefly causing their eyes to turn briefly red.


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