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The Borg Cube is a type of vessel that features in Star Trek.



The Borg Cube was a large cube-shaped craft that was operated by the Borg Collective. (TNG: Q Who)

In 2365, on 42761.3 the entity known as Q appeared on the U.S.S. Enterprise where he attempted to humble Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard who claimed that they were ready to meet any threat in space. He sent the Galaxy Class vessel spiralling thousands of light years away to System J-25 where they crew found a world that formerly had a habitable civilization but no longer had any life on its surface. It was then that they encountered a Borg Cube and made contact with the Borg Collective where the craft transported a Drone onto the Starfleet ship to probe its computer systems. (TNG: Q Who)

On Stardate 50893.5, a single Borg Cube was dispatched with a Borg Queen on-board as part of a new attempt at assimilating Earth. Starfleet had assembled a fleet to combat the vessel but these suffered heavy casualties with the Admiral's ship being destroyed. It was only the intervention of the USS Enterprise was a coordinated assault made that destroyed the Cube but not before it launched a Sphere. The Borg Sphere travelled back in time to the year 2063 following World War III to stop First Contact with the Vulcans. The Enterprise had followed the Sphere back into the past to stop the attempted assimilation of the planet and restore the timeline. (ST: First Contact)

By 2373, the Collective had managed to discover Fluidic Space and attempted to assimilate the native lifeforms. However, the extradimensional race were resistant to assimilation and engaged with hostilities against the Borg. The Borg Collective designated their foe as Species 8472 and suffered heavy losses in the war against them as their weapons dealt minimal damage whilst their foe were able to destroy entire cubes with ease. (VOY: Scorpion)

One Borg Cube was detached from the Collective where it became a derelict and fell into an inactive state. It was discovered by the Romulans and the Federation who launched a secret project to study it. The Reclamation Project was thus established where they began to study the Artifact and went through its advanced technology. (PIC: Maps and Legends)


These vessels were massive in size, measuring over three kilometers across and having an internal volume of 27 cubic kilometers. (Episode: Dark Frontier) Within the craft, a set environment included high level of humidity of 92% with an atmosphere of 2 kilopascals and a temperature of 39.1 degree Celsius. (Movie: First Contact)

It was stated that a cube was capable of still being functional even if 75% was no longer operational. (Episode: The Best of Both Worlds)

In terms of weapon systems, the cubes were able to project tractor beams that locked starships in place even against their own warp drives. (Episode: Q Who)

A cube was able to achieve both warp and transwarp speeds with the latter done so by the Borg Collective's use of transwarp corridors along with hubs. Upon entering a transwarp conduit, a cube projected a structural integrity field ahead of itself in order to compensate for the extreme gravimetric shear. (Episode: Inside Man) A chroniton field was also projected through specially designed conduits in order to cope with the extreme temporal stress inflicted during the journey through the corridor and also used to remain in temporal sync. (Episode: Shattered)


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In other media

Video games

  • In Star Trek: Armada, Borg Cubes was the largest vessel and battleship of the Borg Collective that was available to the players when choosing the Borg. A special ability of theirs was projecting a tractor beam to grab onto nearby enemy vessels in order to assimilate them.
  • In Star Trek: Armada II, Borg Cubes were once more playable for those that chose the Borg Collective faction. In addition to the tractor beam, a new ability once researched allowed eight cubes to merge into a massive vessel known as a Fusion Cube.


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