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Brother Night in Zatanna v2 #3.

Brother Night s a male comic supervillain that features in DC Comics.




Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities


  • Brother Night was created by Paul Dini and Stéphane Roux where he made his first appearance in Zatanna v2 #1 (July, 2010).
  • Writer Paul Dini commented on the character in an interview on Newsrama:
"Stephane and I created this new character we like a lot called Brother Night, who is going to be a recurring villain in the series. And he is sort of like a cult leader, like a religious cult leader who, in our minds, rose to prominence in the ‘60s. He gathered a lot of followers during the hippie days and slaughtered those followers in order to gain years on his life. He’s got a very weird look because he’s not exactly old, but he’s been trafficking in souls for years and it’s made him into this ghoulish figure who still has the charisma of a gang leader and someone who is kind of a self-styled polling man.
And Brother Night has set his sights to be the big man as far as the mystical underworld and the human underworld go. Sort of a magic-enhanced lord of crime. The first arc deals with him and the various allies he calls into service. Zatanna finds out about it and puts herself directly in his path and says, “Nope, you’re not doing this.” And that starts a gang war between the human world and the magic world, with the San Francisco Police force caught in the middle of it all."

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In other media


  • In Justice League Action, Brother Night appeared as a villain in the animated television series episode "Zombie King" where he was voiced by actor Dan Donohue. He later appeared in "Speed Demon" where he was the one giving magical powers to various supervillains such as Harley Quinn.


  • Zatanna v2:

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