Cabrool Nuum

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Cabrool Nuum was a jowled alien from Smarteel, a second-hand starship trader as well as a slaver, who was the patriarch of the House of Nuum. Father to Rusk and Norba, Cabrool was also an old "friend" of Jabba the Hutt. Cabrool was going insane and believed that his ally Vu Chusker was plotting against him, but no one in his household had the nerve to assassinate him.

When Jabba came to Smarteel to unload Princess Nampi's ship, Cabrool, who suspected everyone of betrayal, attempted to force Jabba to help him kill Vu Chusker. When Jabba refused, a furious Cabrool had him confined to his room. Jabba was freed by Rusk, who persuaded him to kill his father. Jabba did so with the help of Cabrool's own bodyguards, smothering the old gangster with a pillow as he slept.

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