Vu Chusker

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Vu Chusker was a short, purple, white-haired alien from Tatooine, and an old friend of Cabrool Nuum. Cabrool, in his mounting insanity, believed him to be an enemy. Multiple attempts were made by Cabrool and his children, Rusk and Norba, to either entice or force Jabba the Hutt to assassinate Chusker for them. Chusker eventually came to Smarteel to visit Cabrool, little knowing of his friend's paranoid delusions, and encountered Jabba the Hutt at the spaceport. Jabba, having already killed Cabrool, Rusk, and Norba for their impudence, killed Chusker purely out of spite, crushing the purple alien with one swipe of his tail.

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