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Captain Briggs was a British Army officer during World War II who met Lieutenant Andy Stevens and Captain Keith Mallory's group at the dock in Greece on the orders of his commanding officer, an unnamed colonel. He was a very arrogant man, and looked down his nose as the commandos, considering their mission of no importance. Many of the details concerning their mission to Navarone was withheld from Briggs for security purposes. When the group caught laundry boy Nicolai listening outside their room in the British officers' barracks, Briggs was summoned and ordered to keep the man locked up for a week for fear of him leaking information to the Germans. He refused, but when they threatened to shoot and kill Nicolai, Briggs finally agreed. However, due to his disgust with the commandos' behavior, as soon as they left for Navarone, Briggs released Nicolai.

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