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Captain Universe in Avengers v5 #6.

Captain Universe is the name of several characters in the Marvel Universe.



Steve Coffin wielding the Unipower in Marvel Spotlight v2 #9.

As a living aspect of the universe itself, it served as the guide for the System and had been seen as a deity to the Builders who saw it as a goddess as well as their mother. (Avengers v5 #3)

The Unipower sensed a great danger coming to Earth in the form of Mister E who was an inhabitant of the Shadowverse. The creature of pure darkness was the herald of an invasion who intended to turn people at Cape Canaveral into his shadow-slaves in order to retrofit a space shuttle. The spacecraft was designed to send a payload into the sun and transform in into a black star thus allowing the shadowverse to conquer the planet. In response, the Unipower returned to Earth where it attempted to bond once more with Ray Coffin. The elderly Coffin’s body could not take the strain and led to him suffering a heart attack. Thus, he was admitted into hospital where he fell prey to the shadow-slaves but the Unipower bonded to his son Steve Coffin turning him into Captain Universe. With the Unipower, he was able to defeat Mister E and stop the entity’s machinations. With its purpose fulfilled, the Unipower healed Ray Coffin and left Steve in order to seek out a new host that needed its power. (Marvel Spotlight v2 #9)

The Uni-Power's manifestation was detected by the secret U.S. government organization known as Division U that sought to weaponise the Captain Universe phenomena. The dispatched their Wraith Squad to capture Taylor who resisted with the Uni-Power being in agony due to his unstable mind. At the same time, Enigma Hunters from the Microverse arrived to track Captain Universe down as they wanted to send the power to the next recipient host. (Cosmic Powers Unlimited v1 #5)

The Unipower once more came to Earth where it possessed Tamara Devoux who had suffered from a serious car accident 10 years ago and left in a comatose state. It possessed her transforming her into Captain Universe where it was dying as a result of the state of the universe. (Avengers v5 #6)


Captain Universe was the very essence of the universe itself. (Fantastic Four Annual v1 #2001)

When bonded to an unstable host, the Uni-Power could fragment under a warped psyche and be in a state of agony as it sought to abandon the user. (Cosmic Powers Unlimited v1 #5) A Captain Universe was bound to their respective universe and if they travelled to another alternate universe then they lost their use of the Uni-Power making them powerless. (Amazing Spider-Man v3 #9)


  • Steve Coffin : He came to join Division U and was part of its Wraith Squad where he attempted to get the Uni-Power back after it bonded with Roland Taylor. (Cosmic Powers Unlimited v1 #5)
  • Roland Taylor :
  • Gabriel Vargas :
  • Ted Simmons :
  • William Nguyen :
  • Cain Marko :
  • Laura Kinney:
  • Tamara Devoux :


  • Captain Universe was created by Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden where it made its first appearance in Micronauts v1 #8 (August, 1979).

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Video games

  • In Spider-Man Unlimited, a Spider-Man as Captain Universe appeared as a playable character in the mobile video game.


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  • Marvel Spotlight v2:
  • Cosmic Powers Unlimited v1:
  • Avengers v5:
  • Amazing Spider-Man v3:

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