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Knull in Venom v4 #5.

Knull is a male comic supervillain who features in Marvel Comics.



The god of Symbiotes in Venom v4 #6.

Knull was an ancient whose origin began before the creation of the universe where he drifted in the endless darkness prior to the formation of time. It was then that existence came into being as a bright light that blinded Knull as he witnessed creation into being by the hands of the Celestials. Upon seeing them forming the universe, Knull came to resent their intrusion into the infinite abyss and retaliated by forging a living sword called the All-Black from his shadow which he used to decapitate one of the cosmic gods. For this crime, he was vanished into the void by the other Celestials where he came to use the severed cosmic gods head as a forge to temper his black blade with cosmic energies. The tempering of the sword was unrefined and it led to the creation of the race of Symbiotes that were his spawn. With the Necrosword, he formed his goal in consuming the divine light in order to return the cosmos to his kingdom of darkness and formed a suit of Symbiotic armour from the darkness to aid him in the genocide against the other gods. (Venom v4 #4)

During the dawn of existence, it was known that he encountered the Silver Surfer when he was the Herald of Galactus. The Surfer was defeated and infected with a Symbiote to turn him into a void knight servant for Knull but came to be freed him from the dark gods power. He was then told to flee his foe with Knull in pursuit which was when Silver Surer met Ego the Living Planet with the two working to stop the evil god. (Silver Surfer: Black v1 #2)


Personality and attributes

He was regarded as being the god of a forgotten idea. (Venom v4 #4)

Powers and abilities

It was believed that he was the only one able to remotely pilot a Symbiote. This meant that he could possess them from great distances and cause them to develop forms without the need for a host. Thus, they were not restricted to the form of a host and could instead use their Symbiote matter to naturally shapeshift into other forms. (Venom v4 #24)


  • Knull was created by Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman where he made his first appearance in Venom v4 #3 (August, 2018).
  • The character was added into the Necrosword that was created by Jason Aaron and Butch Guice which first appeared in Thor: God of Thunder v1 #6 (May, 2013).

In other media

Video games

  • In Spider-Man Unlimited, both Knull and the Ancient Venom possessed by Knull appeared in the setting of the mobile video game.
  • In Marvel Strike Force, Knull was referenced in the dialogue in the setting of the mobile video game.


  • Venom v4:
  • Silver Surfer: Black v1:

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