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Captain Victory from Kirby: Genesis - Captain Victory v1 #1.

Captain Victory is a male comic character that features in Dynamite Entertainment.




Captain Victory from Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers v1 #1.

Captain Victory

It was known that his grandfather Father Blackmass had been responsible for killing the boy's father and leaving him to be raised by his cousins. Thus, he came to stay with his cousin Big Ugly who alongside other 'Ultimates' hailed from Hellikost that was a world that had destroyed its sister planet. When he was 8 years old, he came to help by strategizing for Big Ugly's military campaigns and came to use the family's super-computer Turai. The machine and him sparked a friendship that continued until the boy was 15 years old when he could no longer stomach the savagery of his kind and began plotting against the family. Thus, he introduced a 'primal equation' into Turai as part of his efforts at rebelling against the others. (Captain Victory v1 #11) For his acts of virtue, he was sentenced to exile by the empire of evil that ruled Hellikost but Turai aided in the boy's escape by creating a light-speed glider for him to escape after which the super-computer destroyed the planet. The boy land on a primitive world where he met Captain Argus Flane who cared for the child until he was 18 years old. It was then that the natives prepared for a final attack on Flane's position and he bade the young man to join the Galactic Ranger Force after giving him his uniform and his code name of Captain Victory. Thus, the young man set forth to find Ranger Center and join the corps in bringing peace to the cosmos. (Captain Victory v1 #12)

He rose to the rank of Captain within the Galactic Rangers. Among his crew included Mister Mind who were stationed onboard the dreadnought Tiger. (Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers v1 #1)

Following an encounter with the Insectons, the Lightning Lady managed to escape and the resultant skirmish destroyed Captain Victory with him being reborn in a tenth clone body. After being briefed on the situation, he ordered for a world-killer being deployed to destroy the Insecton hive planet to prevent it from being used again. This was part of his efforts to confine the Insectons to their own territory with him reporting his activities to the Ranger Corps. (Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers v1 #1)

He later received a report that the Insecton hive extended all the way to Philadelphia thus showcasing that containment had failed. During this time, an Insecton emerged from underground and mauled the Captain before he could be protected by his crew. In an effort to save Earth, Captain Victory decided to deploy his newly created Drainer that was deployed from the Tiger. Despite the protestations of Klavus, the Captain piloted the machine which when activated began to drain energy from local sources. It latched onto the Insecton life energies thus consuming them leaving the hive and its inhabitants dead but overwhelmed the Captain with anti-death as he was filled with agonising life energies. The remaining Insecton forces attempted to flee the planet on their vessel but the Drainer which now had a giant humanoid form sought more of this energy leading to it pursuing its quarry. It latched onto the ship as it went into space where it fed on their life energy until a circuit was damaged and ship detonated in space thus killing the Insectons along with Captain Victory. The crew of the Tiger had thus saved Earth and proceeded with activating a new clone of Captain Victory. (Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers v1 #6)

The new clone sought to continue to set out the traditions made by his predecessor with a new assignment that took them away from Earth and into the mysterious starless region of space known as Quadrant X in pursuit of a band of criminals called the Wonder Warriors. (Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers v1 #7)



Personality and attributes

It was said that the Captain was never out of a courage and being a special kind of man. (Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers v1 #1)

He followed actions in the traditions of the Galactic Rangers. (Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers v1 #1) His own personal code was, "Victory is Sacrifice" and he was not above missions that resulted in his own death. (Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers v1 #6)

Powers and abilities

A memory storage unit onboard his vessel allowed his mind to be transferred into new clone bodies. (Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers v1 #1)

He commanded the dreadnaught Tiger that was a powerful vessel in the fleet of the Ranger Corps. In orbit, it could camouflage itself making it appear invisible to others. It was equipped with a star drive allowing them to achieve faster-than-light travel. The vessel was later equipped with a world-killer that when launched could destroy an entire planet. (Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers v1 #1)


  • Captain Victory was created by Jack Kirby and made his first appearance by Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers v1 #1 (November, 1981).
  • There were subtle hints to indicate that Captain Victory was the son of Orion of the New Gods from DC Comics who was also created by Jack Kirby.


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