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Caretaker is the name of several characters in the Marvel Universe.


Caretaker (Unknown)

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Caretakers were established to keep watch over the solitary Spirits of Vengeance to try and ensure that their charges never learnt the truth of their nature. This meant that a Caretaker dealt in lies, half-truths and misdirection in an effort to hide the source of the Ghost Riders power namely that it came from God. (Ghost Rider v6 #31)

As such, he was one of a number of caretakers that watched over the wielders of the Ghost Rider. (Ghost Rider v6 #30)

Caretaker (Sara)

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As a result, she became the last guardian of 6,000 years worth of secrets. (Ghost Rider v6 #31)

Sara later returned when Johnny Blaze had become the king of Hell where she noted that he had become corrupted by this power. As a result, she recruited the despondent Danny Ketch to help save his half-brother. She opened a portal into Limbo so that Ketch could seek out the sorcerer Beslasco and claim his warrior Necrosis who was the only one able to kill a Ghost Rider. (Ghost Rider v9 #4)


The role of the Caretaker meant that they were a living library of thousands of years worth of secrets. (Ghost Rider v6 #31)


  • The Caretaker was created by Howard Mackie and Andy Kubert where it made its first appearance in Ghost Rider v3 #28 (August, 1992).

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