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Ghost Riders in Ghost Racers v1 #4.

A Ghost Rider is an entity that features in Marvel Comics.



A pair of Ghost Riders in Ghost Riders: Heaven's On Fire v1 #1.

Around the world, there were multiple Spirits of Vengeance that operated in mortal hosts with different ones on different parts of the globe. Each was tailored to the customs and the religions of the area. (Ghost Rider v6 #28)

As a servant of Zadkiel, Danny Ketch was used to hunt down the other Spirits of Vengeance around the world where he leeched their powers to his Angelic master. (Ghost Rider v6 #28)


The Ghost Rider was considered a wonder of mystic design with god-like power available to them. Each human acted as a built-in safety that limited the Ghost Rider's power simply due to the host's mortal nature. However, if the limit was loose, then for most intents and purposes its power was boundless. (Ghost Rider v6 #13)

In reality, these entities were angels and entities from Heaven with them being the Wrath of God. (Ghost Rider v6 #18)

Among the Tibetans, a Ghost Rider was known as the Khrag 'Thung or He Who Seeks Vengeance in Our Name. (Ghost Rider v6 #28)


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  • Alejandra :
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Alternate Versions

  • In Thanos v2 (2017), an alternate future was shown where Thanos succeeded in wiping out all life in the galaxy with him taking the name Mad King Thanos. This version had wiped out all life on Earth with the Punisher in his dying moments selling his soul for the power to defeat the Mad Titan. Mephisto appeared before him and agreed to offering terms leading to Frank Castle's transformation into a Spirit of Vengeance.

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