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Zadkiel in Ghost Riders: Heavens On Fire v1 #6.

Zadkiel is a comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.



Controlling the Ghost Rider in Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch v1 #5.

Thousands of years ago, after the Great Flood Zadkiel was tasked by the throne with overseeing the clandestine operations of Heaven. Among these duties included overseeing the Spirits of Vengeance that were earthly hosts imbued with a vestige of power from God himself. These beings thus became the Lord's Divine Wrath and were known as the Ghost Riders. (Ghost Rider v6 #30)

He was present at Sodom and Gomorrah where he summoned the fire that was used to destroy those cities. (Ghost Rider v6 #21) Other acts attributed to him was slaying the armies of the Midianites and Philistines, slaughtering every living thing outside the walls of Jericho and killing 100,000 Syrian warriors in a single morning with his sword. (Ghost Rider v6 #30)

After the Caretakers death, he was greeted in the afterlife by Zadkiel and those Angels loyal to him where he commanded them to dismember the mortals soul and scatter it through the winds of eternity. (Ghost Rider v6 #27) Whilst guiding Ketch on his mission, Zadkiel also led his Black Host in laying siege to the celestial city in Heaven and defeated the Asura that confronted him. To ensure the destruction of the Spirits of Vengeance, he sent several Angelic soldiers from his Black Host to assist Danny Ketch in killing the other Ghost Riders. (Ghost Rider v6 #30)


Personality and attributes

He was regarded by some of his followers as the Archangel of Benevolence and Mercy. (Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire v1 #1)

It was said that he did not tolerate failure. (Ghost Rider v6 #22)

Powers and abilities

He was able to summon fiery rain that was the equivalent of a thousand Hiroshimas and was used to napalm the cities of Sodom along with Gomorrah. (Ghost Rider v6 #21) To his followers, he was able to instil in them his power which they channelled and manifested as a fiery blue fire. (Ghost Riders: Heaven's on Fire v1 #1)


  • Zadkiel was created by Jason Aaron and Tan Eng Huat where he was first mentioned Ghost Rider v4 #19 (2008) but made a full appearance in Ghost Rider v4 #27 (November 2008).

Alternate Versions

  • In Ghost Racers (2015), a version of Zadkiel was shown to inhabit Battleworld where he served Arcade and managed the control of the various Ghost Riders in order to ensure their compliance with the death race sport.

In other media

Video game

  • In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, Zadkiel was referenced in the Dossier for Ghost Rider in the Facebook video game.


  • Ghost Rider v4:

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