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Colossus in Black Panther v6 #13.

Colossus is a male comic superhero that features in Marvel Comics.



Piotr Rasputin

When his father first learnt of his mutation, he treated Piotr cruelly and used to force his son to live in the barn like an animal. (Extraordinary X-Men v1 #1) During these years, his family's farm was visited by a criminal called the Tattooed Man who was a Mutant blackmailer. He threatened the Rasputin family and extorting them for money in order to keep their secret from the authorities. (Uncanny X-Men v1 #405)


Personality and attributes

He had an uncle named Anatoly Rasputin who had joined the Bratva leading to his estrangement from the family. (X-Men: Gold v2 #10) When he was young, he was afraid of the Mutant known as the Tattooed Man who extorted his family with Piotr considering the man the Devil. (Uncanny X-Men v1 #404)

Powers and abilities


  • Colossus was created by Len Wein and Dave Cockrum where he made his first appearance in Giant-Size X-Men v1 #1 (May, 1975).

Alternate Versions

  • In X-Men: Millennial Visions v1 #2000 (2000), Colossus was shown in an alternate reality setting designated Earth-1005. This version was shown to have had a four year old daughter named Metallique who had similar metallic skin as him with her personal guardian being Lockheed where she was part of a team of X-Men led by Kitty Pryde and Wolverine who were battling the Morlocks.

In other media


  • In X-Men, Colossus made guest appearances in the 1990s animated television series where he was voiced by actor Rick Bennett.
  • In X-Men: Evolution, Colossus appeared as an antagonist in the 2000 animated television series where he was voiced by actor Michael Adamthwaite.
  • In Wolverine and the X-Men, Colossus appeared in the animated television series where he was voiced by actor Nolan North.


  • In Deadpool, Colossus appeared in the live-action film where he was voiced by actor Stefan Kapičić.
  • In Deadpool 2, Colossus appeared in the live-action film sequel where he was voiced once again by actor Stefan Kapičić.

Video games

  • In X-Men: Destiny, Colossus appeared in the video game where he was voiced by actor Andre Sogliuzzo.



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