Commander Farragut

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Commander Farragut was a U.S. Navy officer who commanded the frigate Abraham Lincoln. He was tasked by the Secretary of the Navy, J.B. Hobson, with hunting down and killing what everyone thought was a sea monster terrorizing the ocean. To this end, he hired Canadian whaler Ned Land to harpoon the creature. Hobson also instructed Farragut to take Professor Pierre Arronax along, for the purposes of identifying the monster.

Eventually, after much fruitless searching, the Abraham Lincoln sighted the creature. Ned Land was ordered to strike, but when his harpoon failed to penetrate the monster's hide, Farragut ordered his ship's guns brought to bear in an attempt to destroy the beast. It turned and rammed into the Lincoln, disabling its rudder. Whilst Ned Land, Professor Arronax and Arronax's assistant Conseil ended up in the sea following this, the fate of Farragut and his crew still aboard the disabled but intact Lincoln is unknown.

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