Count Zaroff

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Count Zaroff

Count Zaroff was a megalomaniac Russian nobleman who lived on his own private island in the Caribbean. Hunting was his one and only passion, however that passion began to wane as he was too good at hunting. Animals' instinct were no match for his cunning and marksmanship. Following a blow to the head from a buffalo which left him with a scar on his forehead, Zaroff had an epiphany. Human begins were the most dangerous and cunning animals of all. Deciding that he would hunt humans from now on, Zaroff changed the marker buoys offshore of his island so as to lure in passing ships to smash into the rocks.

Any survivors, after finding their way ashore, would be sent out into the jungle and hunted by Zaroff. One such ship saw Eve Trowbridge and her brother Martin find their way to Zaroff's castle. Not long after, Robert Rainsford arrived as well, to Zaroff's delight. Having read Rainsford's books about hunting, he saw the American as a kindred spirit. But after Zaroff hunted and killed Martin Trowbridge, Rainsford, having found the Count's grisly trophy room, denounced his profession. An angered Zaroff chose Rainsford and Eve as his next quarries.

Armed with a Tartar war bow and a high-powered rifle Zaroff chased the pair across the island. Cornering them at a waterfall, he shot Rainsford who fell off of a cliff, and took Eve back to his castle as his prisoner. However Rainsford had feigned being shot, and confronted the Count. A brutal fistfight ensued between Rainsford, Zaroff and the Count's servants, ending when Rainsford stabbed Zaroff in the back with one of his own arrows.

As Rainsford and Eve escaped in a motorboat, the dying Zaroff went to the window and attempted to shoot Rainsford with his war bow, only to finally expire and fall from the window and into the pen where his vicious hunting dogs were kept.

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