Danvers Carew

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General Sir Danvers Carew

A pleasant and likable older gentleman, Sir Danvers Carew was a member of British Parliament as well as a client of Gabriel John Utterson. One night while he was out for a stroll Sir Danvers encountered Edward Hyde. For reasons that are only ever speculated upon, Hyde flew into a homicidal rage and beat Sir Danvers to death with his cane.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1931)

Carew is a retired brigadier general and the father of Muriel Carew, Dr. Jekyll's fiancee. A stodgy and old-fashioned individual, he considered Jekyll's attraction to his daughter "indecent" and opposed a marriage between them. Ultimately, Carew and his butler Hobson battled Mr. Hyde when Hyde broke into the Carew residence in an attempt to force himself upon Muriel. During the scuffle, Hyde beat General Carew to death with his cane.

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