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The Dark Riders in Uncanny X-Men v4 #5.

The Dark Riders are a supervillain team that features in Marvel Comics.



The Dark Riders attack Cyclops in X-Men v2 #23.

When Apocalypse took over the Inhumans Great Refuge on the Moon, he suborned some of the Royal Family into the cadre of shock troops known as the Riders of the Storm. (X-Factor v1 #67)

After the global release of the Terrigen Mists, a disease known as the M-Pox emerged that afflicted the planet's Mutant population. It was during this time that the Dark Riders emerged where they began eliminating healers among Mutants. (Uncanny X-Men v4 #2) They later tried to murder Triage but were stopped by Magneto. Another of their suspected targets was Shen Xorn who was living in isolation in Tibet. (Uncanny X-men v4 #3) They attempted to murder him at the Tibetan temple but he effortlessly repulsed their attack with Barrage being killed forcing the other Riders to escape back to headquarters. Afterwards, Psylocke's team of X-Men tracked the Dark Riders to their base in Egypt and attacked them at the pyramid. With them there, the Riders teleported out and sealed the pyramid to delay them whilst they attacked Magneto who had Triage with him at Genosha. (Uncanny X-Men v4 #4) This proved to be a trap set by Magneto and his X-Men who ambushed the Dark Riders where they eliminated them before Magnus detonated explosives that sunk Genosha. (Uncanny X-Men v4 #5)


The Riders consisted of militant Inhumans and Mutant terrorists that had long believed in survival of the fittest. They believed that the right to survive was earned through trial and tribulation. (Uncanny X-Men v4 #3) They honored the code that only the strong survived and that this was the natural order. This went even to the point that members were willing to murder their own kind to achieve their goal. (Uncanny X-men v4 #4) Members were trained to resist telepathic intrusion but this could be weakened if they were distracted. (Uncanny X-Men v4 #3)


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  • The Dark Riders were created by Chris Claremont, Jim Lee, and Whilce Portacio where they made their first appearance in X-Factor v1 #65 (April, 1991).


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