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Genosha is a country that features in Marvel Comics.



The political and social situation in the country later stabilized with the Acolytes patrolling the city to maintain the peace. This led to the U.N. Observer Corps certifying Genosha as being a location that was safe to visit. (X-Men: Black Sun v1 #3)

Following M-Day, the disembodied energies of the depowered Mutants from around the world gathered into an energy force known as the Collective which possessed a Mutant named Michael Pointer. As a vessel, he brought those energies to Genosha which was where the powerless Magneto resided. The Collective spoke through Pointer claiming that it was Xorn and that it had come to empower him to avenge Mutantkind. It possessed him against his will which was when the New Avengers arrived on the scene to contain the threat. With its new host, the Collective used its power to animate the dead Mutants on the island to combat the heroes with Magneto begging to be killed. Iron Man succeeded in removing the Collective with the Sentry taking the disembodied energies and throwing them into the Sun where they disintegrated. (New Avengers v1 #20)

After seemingly restoring his own powers, Pietro Maximoff decided to share the stolen Terrigen Mists with the rest of the depowered Mutants on Genosha. Thus led to him meeting with Callisto and having her inhale the mists where her power were seemingly returned to her. However, after he left, she began to experience intense pain as she was overwhelmed by her abilities. (Son of M v1 #4)

With them defeated, Magnus decided to detonate explosives to kill the Riders to serve as a message against anyone that targeted Mutants with the strength of the bombs sinking Genosha. (Uncanny X-Men v4 #5)

Cassandra Nova came to operate a base of operations on the abandoned island in an underground facility where she mentally controlled Forge to build microscopic Sentinites designed to cause infected people to lash out against Mutants. Upon learning of this, Storm triggered a large tidal wave that hit the island thus destroying the base and putting a temporary stop to Nova's plans. (X-Men: Red v1 #8)


Locations on Genosha included:

  • Hammer Bay :
  • Havershaw Heights :
  • Ridgeback Mountains :
  • Magda Square :


  • Magneto :
  • Callisto :


  • Genosha was created by Chris Claremont and Rick Leonardi where it made its first appearance in Uncanny X-Men v1 #235 (October, 1988).

In other media


  • In X-Men, Genosha appeared in the setting of the 1990s animate television series.
  • In Wolverine and the X-Men, Genosha featured in the animated television series as an island nation already established by Magneto as a safe haven for Mutants. Numerous posters were created to encourage Mutants to relocate there.

Video games

  • In X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse, Genosha appeared as a setting in the 1990s video game. It was said to be a little known island where Mutants were imprisoned and forced to labor by a brutal army and the robotic Sentinels. Apocalypse was said to hold sinister plans for the captured Mutants at Genosha.
  • In X-Men: Legends II, Genosha featured as part of the setting of the game. It was home to the Sanctuary that was a secret base maintained by Magneto. It was attacked by the forces of Apocalypse which helped lead to the alliance between the X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants against this common for. During this time, the X-Men began taking missions to help the Mutant populace of Genosha. One other area was the Dead Zone that was the site of a large scale battle.


  • Uncanny X-Men v1:
  • Son of M v1:
  • X-Men: Red v1:

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