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The Dark Templars are a group that features in StarCraft.



The Nerazim (or Dark Templar) were a faction of Protoss that formed millennia ago on Aiur and formed over a division over the Khala.

For a time, they were a nomadic people who moved from world to world. During this time, they came to the planet Shakuras where they discovered a mysterious temple with them determining that it was built by their creators the Xel'Naga. Thus, the Dark Templar decided to settle on the world that became their new homeworld and they came to build their settlements on it.

At some point, Vorazun served as Matriarch and leader of the Dark Templar people where she met in regular council meetings with Hierarch Artanis.

Artanis's forces managed to clear the Warp Gates that Amon's forces held allowing the Nerazim population to escape through it. With Shakuras evacuated, Voratun decided to destroy the world rather than allow it to remain in Amon's grasp. As such, she suggested to Hierarchy Artanis to direct the energy of the Xel'naga temple into the planetary core to destroy it. Whilst reluctant, he agreed but decided to bait Amon's forces until the last moment in order to inflict the heaviest amount of casualties on them. As Amon's forces gathered on Shakuras, Artanis activated the temple and escaped with his fleet whilst Amon's forces were consumed in the fiery destruction of the world. As a result, Shakuras was destroyed with the Nerazim joining their Templar brethren a they sought to free Aiur from Amon.


It was this reason that they severed their nerve cords to deny any link to the Khala.

There were a number of different tribes of Dark Templar that included:

  • Boros :
  • Lenassa :
  • Zer'atai :

The Nerazim military included:

  • Centurion :
  • Annihilator :
  • Stalker :
  • Corsair :

One of the traditions of the Nerazim was the shadow walk that was a rite of passage whereby they were attacked by Dark Templar warriors that struck from the shadows.

Leadership of their kind was held by a figure that held the position of Matriarch.

Defense of the Nerazim was an organization that was known as the Shadow Guard.


  • Krythkal :
  • Mohandar :
  • Raszagal :
  • Zeratul :
  • Vorazun :


  • The Dark Templar were created by Blizzard Entertainment and featured in the setting of the StarCraft universe.


  • StarCraft:
  • StarCraft: Brood Wars:
  • StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty:
  • StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void:

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