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Arisia with the Daxamites in Green Lantern Corps v2 #37.

Daxamites are an alien species that feature in DC Comics.




Super-powered Daxamites in Green Lantern Corps v3 #32.



During the Great Inquiry, the planet Krypton expanded to bring enlightenment to other worlds with this being achieved through conquest. On such world was discovered by the explorer Dax-Am with Kryptonian colonists settling on the newly named Daxam. On the various worlds, the Kryptonian expansion was pushed back by those native races with the exception of Daxam. The settlers were asked to return to the homeworld but they found that they could have inter-relations with the aboriginals. A result of this interbreeding was the birth of the Daxamite race who began to differ from the Kryptonians within a generation with few remaining of their original homeworld after the following three centuries. As they prospered, the Daxamites later developed a desire to explore space where they went to many worlds where they made peaceful contact. After many years, fear began to grip Daxam with a push towards isolationism with this eventually erupting into a conflict known as the Science War on their world. This war lasted for four days and cost the planet a quarter of its population. (Superman Annual v1 #14)

It was said that long ago the planet Daxam came to be overrun and conquered by an alien race. This was until a scientist whose name was lost to history created the Galactic Golem. The creature defeated the aliens but rampaged out of control forcing the scientist to sacrifice himself in order to shut it down. The Golem then remained dormant and hidden in the arsenal of the Priest-Elders who came to power on Daxam. (Superman v1 #675)


During this time, Sodam Yat formed the Isolationist Party that advocated no contact with the wider universe though he did it in the belief that other races needed to be protected from the Daxamites. It was then that they were visited by the Eradicator who was operating under his directive to ensure the survival of the Kryptonian race. As the Daxamites were descendants of Kryptonians, the machine began to use genetic engineering and cloning to breed a new kind of Daxamite soldier that had all the strengths but none of their races weaknesses. This force was made into an army with the intention of conquering Earth and turning the planet into a New Krypton. Upon learning of this, Sodam Yat took a ship and fled to Earth to warn the Justice League of this threat with the Eradicator and his Daxamite army arriving shortly afterwards. (Justice League v4 #40) The Advance Legion of Daxam managed to take control of the planet until the Justice League tricked them to entering a portal to a world without a sun. The heroes then defeated Captain Nur and his soldiers with the Eradicator deciding that his creations were flawed. Thus, the machine turned on them and attempted to trigger a self-destruct system in them where upon the A.I. intended to harvest bio-resources to create a new Kryptonian race. However, the Eradicator was destroyed by Wonder Woman thus ending the threat with the Green Lantern Corps taking the Advance Legion back to Daxam to stand trial for their actions. (Justice League v4 #43)


A ruling class came to form in their society that consisted of the Priest-Elders of the Protonic Flame who came to ban most technology except for the lower ones which they referred to as Prime Machines. Access to the ancient records were restricted and the use of technology was prohibited. (Superman v1 #674)

One political party within their society that formed were the Isolationist Party that advocated no contact with outsiders. (Justice League v4 #40)


  • Laurel Gand :
  • Bal Gand :
  • Cil Gand : a male Daxamite that was captured by the Tolos and imprisoned in the bottle city of Kandor to serve as a host body for the alien wizard's mind. (Superman v2 #116)
  • Mon-El :
  • Cara Yat :
  • Diro Yat :
  • Sodam Yat :
  • Roxxas :
  • Rani :
  • Telos Usr : a male Daxamite inducted into the White Lantern Corps after Kyle Rayner created seven power rings during the battle with Oblivion. (Green Lantern: New Guardians v1 #40)
  • Si Bar : a male Daxamite who once visited Krypton until he was captured by a criminal family in Scorched Space. (Batman/Robin v1 #30)
  • Eltro Gand : a male Daxamite who was a descendant of Lar Gand's brother who lived in the 30th century with him having identical features to Mon-El. (Action Comics v1 #384)
  • Renegade :


In other media


  • In Supergirl, Daxamites were mentioned in the live-action television series in the episode "Welcome to Earth". They were inhabitants of Krypton's twin world Daxam where they developed as an advanced civilization who formed a monarchy that ruled their people. A sport played by their people was Garata that was similar to soccer that involved dragons. They were known to had engaged in slavery and had travelled to slave worlds to purchase slaves. A Daxamite word for goodbye was Beyalat Daxam that was said as a farewell. Daxamites went through arranged marriages from birth where mates were chosen with them getting married upon adulthood. Their civilization was ruled over by a royal family and their society made use of slaves as well as lower classes with them believing in a number of gods. A tradition among their kind was a trial by combat known as the Dakkum Or with violation of the terms of the rite being deemed to bring shame in the eyes of the gods. Centuries ago, a dispute emerged with the planet Krypton leading to war between those worlds where thousands were killed. As a result, Kryptonians and Daxamites had a tense relationship with one another with each blaming the other for the conflict. As a result of Krypton's destruction, Daxam's surface was ravaged which wiped out all of its inhabitants except for Mon-El who escaped in a pod where he landed on Earth. In reality, many of the Daxamites had actually managed to survive where they fled their world with them being led by the royal family consisting of King Lar Gand and Queen Rhea. The royals discovered that their son had similarly survived and sought out Prince Mon-El who the learnt was on Earth. They arrived on the world in order to retrieve him but he rejected them as he was in love with Kara Zor-El who was Supergirl and desired to stay on Earth rather than return to their world to rebuild it. Lar Gand relented to his sons wishes and whilst on-board his ship he was murdered by his wife Rhea. She sought to force her son to acquiesce to her wishes and disguised herself as a human to approach Lena Luthor. Rhea forged a friendship with Lena and offered the use of teleportation technology to change her world. However, after Luthor had built the gateway, Rhea activated it and it turned out to be a dimensional portal to allow the scattered Daxamite fleet to arrive on Earth in an effort to conquer it and turn it into New Daxam. Rhea sought to rule Earth as its new Queen and as a symbol of unity she sought her son Mon-El to wed Lena Luthor to produce her grandson who could serve as the royal heir. Daxamite forces forcibly occupied National City and their ships conducted attacks on it to enforce their rule. Ultimately, the resistance against them led by Supergirl managed to unleash a lead serum into the atmosphere making it toxic to the Daxamites that caused them to flee. Queen Rhea was trapped on Earth as she died from lead poisoning as her people were vulnerable to it and she turned to dust as the Daxamite fleet fled the solar system.


  • Superman v2 #116:
  • Batman/Superman v1:
  • Green Lantern Corps:
  • Justice League v4:

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