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The Galactic Golem is a comic supervillain who features in DC Comics.



The Galactic Golem was created by Lex Luthor in one of his plots to destroy Superman. The Golem is an artificial creature that draws its energy from starlight. During its first battle with Superman, it releases so much energy that it appears to wipe out all life on Earth, leaving only Superman, the Golem, and Luthor. Luthor is remorseful, but discovers that the energy had shifted all Earth's inhabitants safely into a parallel world. After Superman manages to hurl the Golem into space, the Earth's inhabitants safely return to the correct plane of existence.

He later returned to fight Superman in his Fortress of Solitude where the Man of Steel defeated the Golem by covering him in molten steel over the center of Earth's magnetic pole, which, when it hardens, imobilizes him, due to his lack of sustained energy combined with the magnetic force of the planet Earth. (Superman v1 #258)

A new Galactic Golem was created by ancient Daxamites science where it was sent to fight Superman by Daxamite priests who want to capture Mon-El. With the help of the supervillain Paragon, Superman defeated the Golem by destroying its power source; a model of Daxam itself in its forehead. (Superman v1 #675)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities


  • Galactic Golem was created by Len Wein and Curt Swan where he made his first appearance in Superman v1 #248 (February, 1972).

Alternate Versions

  • In JLA/Avengers v1 (2003), the Galactic Golem appeared in the crossover story between DC and Marvel Comics. He was among the villains controlled by Krona where he was shown battling Wonder Man.


  • Superman v1:
  • Sinestro v1:

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