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A retired officer from the days of the Old Republic, General Jan Dodonna was one of the first captains of a Star Destroyer, having served in both the Stark Hyperspace War and the Clone Wars. He was considered too old to be re-trained for the Empire. Targeted for assassination by the Imperials, he escaped and joined the Rebel Alliance. A brilliant strategist, Dodonna coordinated the Rebel assault on the first Death Star during the Battle of Yavin with General Willard, using purloined plans of the space station to discover a weak spot.

Expanded Universe

After the Battle of Yavin and the death of his son Vrad Dodonna, General Dodonna was believed to have been killed when he set the Yavin IV base to explode during the Rebels' evacuation from the moon. In truth, Dodonna survived and was captured by the Imperials. The Empire's efforts to persuade Dodonna to betray the Rebellion came to naught, and the Alliance general was eventually rescued by Rogue Squadron. Following his rescue and the fall of the Empire, Dodonna became one of the New Republic's top military advisors and was a member of the Grey Cadre shortly before his death (of natural causes) on New Alderaan.

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