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The Dragon Slayers are an elite unit that feature in The Vision of Escaflowne.



The Dragon Slayers were an elite unit within the Zaibach Empire and consisted of veteran Guymelef pilots. They were under the express command of Lord Dilandau Albatou and followed him into battle. The unit were stationed onboard the Zaibach Floating Fortress Vione that was under the control of Strategos Folken Fanel. Following Emperor Dornkirk orders, Folken was sent to raze the kingdom of Fanelia after it was determined that a dragon was going to a threat to Zaibach. Using the Guymelefs stealth mantle technology, the Dragon Slayers effortlessly eliminated the enemy soldiers and their Guymelefs. Dilandau commanded the city being burnt to the ground which was when they encountered the dragon which was an Ispano Guymelef named Escaflowne.


Dragon Slayer Guymelefs.

All its members were loyal to their patron Dilandau who gave them their glorious Guymelefs. It was to the point that they would rather die than betray their lord.

Due to their stealth mantles, their Guymelefs were referred to as invisible giants by their enemies.


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