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Emperor Dornkirk of the Zaibach Empire.

Dornkirk is a villain that features in The Vision of Escaflowne anime series.



Isaac was a male scientist who once lived on Earth at an unspecified point in history. At some point, he sought to use alchemy but failed in this endeavor. He grew interested to know what compelled people to act the best way they do and he concluded that it was due to an unseen force which he termed as Destiny. It was this force that he believed was responsible for the fate of humanity and researched it with the goal of controlling it. However, he never found an answer after dedicating his life to this research. As an old man, he was on his deathbed when he was for reasons unknown transported to another world named Gaea. Whilst on Gaea, he came upon the ruined nation of Zaibach. This land was underdeveloped and contained a starving people who faced disease as well as constant invasions from more powerful nations. Taking pity on the people, he taught them the ways of science which advanced the nation to the point where they could fight back the invaders and become one of the most powerful as well as advanced nations on the planet.

In gratitude for his assistance, the people declared him the Emperor of the Zaibach Empire and he took the name Dornkirk. After securing a power base, Dornkirk began a lengthy process of manipulating fate and destiny in order to create the power for everyone to create their own heaven. He learnt of this through the ancient stories of the Draconians who possessed such a power. During his travels, he sought out the ancient secrets of Atlantis and looked for their home in the Mystic Valley. In his journey, he encountered an Asturian by the name of Leon Schezar who was also seeking the location. Isaac introduced himself to Schezar with the two travelling together through the mists but Isaac was separated from Leon. Dornkirk in this team was met by his Zaibach soldiers who transported him on an armored vehicle to find Schezar. They came upon Leon after his emergence from the mists with Zaibach soldiers killing him to get his journal that was believed to contain the secrets of the Mystic Valley. However, upon getting the journal, Dornkirk discovered vital pages being torn out and cursed Schezar. He left the journal by the dying remains of Leon Schezar who bled away in the snow.

At some point, Dornkirk had created the Destiny Prognostication Engine which he used to chart the ideal future. Years later, Zaibach forces brought to Emperor Dornkirk a wounded young prince of Fanelia who had barely survived a royal rite of passage. Through Dornkirk and Zaibach sorcerers did Prince Folken Fanel survive and was given a cybernetic arm to replace his lost limb. Fanel was believed killed in his native homeland and he came to believe in Dornkirks vision of the world. Folken quickly rose up in the ranks in the Zaibach Empire where he reached the position of Strategos and operated as the Emperor's right hand. It was during this time that the vision of the ideal future in the Destiny Prognostication Engine became obscured by the shadow of a dragon. The Emperor determined that this disturbance came from the kingdom of Fanelia and specifically from an Ispano Guymelef used by the lands ruler. Thus, Dornkirk commanded Folken to go to Fanelia to destroy it and bring the dragon to Zaibach. Lord Folken regularly reported his findings to the Emperor via a communication device onboard his Zaibach Floating Fortress.


Personality and attributes

In appearance, Dornkirk was an elderly human that had a white-grayish beard along with moustache with somewhat long hair. On Earth, his white beard and hair were long but these grew even longer on Gaea.

As an inhabitant of the Mystic Moon, he said he remembered Earth despite it being so long ago.

He believed that war was something inherent in mankind who struggled to escape such a fate. With that in mind, Dornkirk desired to alter the world to bring about the best future. He wanted to see Zaibachs ideal future and bring about this destiny for his people. Such was his single minded pursuit of this goal that he believed in allowing the sacrifice of others to allow for the ideal future. To achieve this goal, he sought to use the Atlantis Machine to allow everyone to achieve their hearts desires. However, he was disappointed to see that humanity only wanted further fighting and war with him believing that this was the fate of mankind. Dornkirk was later surprised at how fate changed with the love between Hitomi and Von Fanel.

Dornkirk was shown to be a ruthless man who was single minded in his pursuit of his goals. He was not above having obstacles eliminated if they had something he wanted such as when he had Leon Schezar killed to get his journal. It was said by Folken that Dornkirk did pay heed to the words of others.

Powers and abilities

As a scientist, he developed much of the advanced science used by the Zaibach Empire. One such machine was the Destiny Prognostication Engine that allowed him to see and chart he future.


  • Though not stated, it is heavily implied that Dornkirk is Sir Isaac Newton.

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