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The Zaibach Empire.

Zaibach is a place and empire that features in The Vision of Escaflowne.



Capital of Zaibach.

Zaibach was a land situated in the world of Gaea. It was originally a barren and desolate region on Gaia where the farming Human people tolled in a harsh climate. They faced constant invasion and tough lives with the people facing hunger, sickness, neighboring attacks, living in constant fear. As a well educated man of science, Dornkirk used his knowledge to rebuild Zaibach into one of the most respected and feared countries. He preached to them the wonders of science and helped develop the nation into a powerful force that surpassed its rival nations through technology as well as military might. Thus was formed a powerful nation that came to be known as the Zaibach Empire. Due to his part in the formation of the Zaibach Empire, Dornkirk adopted the title of Emperor of Zaibach. He intended to create an ideal future for the world by any means necessary. Through his Destiny Prognostication Engine, he charted this future and sought to make it manifest through the lost secrets of Atlantis held by the long dead Draconians. With Zaibach forces, he tried to university these lost secrets of Atlantis by finding the Mystic Valley. To that end, Zaibach soldiers murdered Leon Schezar to get his journal but vital pages were missing from the book. Later on, Dornkirks vision of the future became obscured by the shadow of a dragon figure. He determined that this danger came from the kingdom of Fanelia and dispatched his Strategos Folken Fanel to eliminate the threat. Onboard his Zaibach Floating Fortress, Folken commanded Zaibach Dragon Slayers forces led by Lord Dilandau Albatou who razed the city.



People of Zaibach have committed their lives to the vision of Dornkirk. They seek to create a new era of peace by controlling the world. Zaibach was similar to Industrial Revolution-era England.

Leadership of the empire was headed by the Emperor which was held by the nation's founder.

Individuals that used advanced technology and conducted experiments were known as Sorcerers. These were Zaibach scientists that only answered to Emperor Dornkirk who were noted as a very dangerous group of men. For their fate alteration experiments, they were known to experiment on live people with these typically being kidnapped children.


A position within the empire was that of the Strategos that was held by senior figures within the military.

Among the elite units within the empire were the Dragon Slayers which consisted of a detachment of Guymelef pilots.

The nation had numerous high ranking lords and generals. The generals commanded armies divided between Gold, Bronze, Silver and Iron which, in total, numbered into 55,000 men with 10,000 Guymeluf. These were divided into the Four Demon Armies of Zaibach.


Zaibach were perhaps one of the most advanced nations in the lands of Gaea.

They had the ability to use communication devices to send video transmissions from one location to another. This allowed Zaibach commanders to maintain orders from the Emperor despite the great distances.

Zaibach had also developed armored car vehicles that were equipped with flamethrowers. These were used both for transport and in engagements with enemy infantry.

Their armed forces made use of a powerful model of Guymelef that had fearsome capabilities such as being able to shape liquid into multiple shapes, flight and using a form of stealth mantle technology that turned them invisible to the naked eye though a distortion was capable of being noticed. Cockpits of these mecha contained a number of advanced instrumentation used by their pilots including machines that allowed them to see distant targets.

Within their fleets, the empire made use of their Zaibach Floating Fortresses that were large mobile outposts that moved through the air on giant levistones. These craft had their own stealth mantles allowing them to cloak themselves invisible allowing Zaibach to use them to observe the enemy or launch surprise attacks.

The nation made use of experimental technology for some of its operations such as Fate Alteration.


  • Dornkirk :
  • Adelphus : a high ranking human general that headed one of the Demon Armies of the Zaibach Empire.
  • Folken Fanel : a male human Strategos who was originally from Finelia.
  • Dilandau : a male human commander that headed the elite Dragon Slayers unit.
  • Zongi :
  • Nariya :
  • Eriya :
  • Jajuka :


  • Zaibach served as antagonists in The Vision of Escaflowne.


  • The Vision of Escaflowne:

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