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Borys of Ebe was one of the fifteen champions of Rajaat, known as the Butcher of Dwarves. He was the first of the champions to realise that Rajaat intended to destroy humans (including his champions) as well as the other new races. He lead a rebellion that imprisoned Rajaat in The Hollow.

Borys used the power of the Pristine Tower to turn himself and the other champions into sorcerer-kings, capable of channelling power from the elemental Planes to their templars. The new sorcerer-kings then used their powers to turn Borys into a dragon to watch over Rajaat's prison. Unfortunately, as he transformed, he became a mindless beast for several years, ravaging the landscape. When he recovered his mind, he demanded a sacrifice of 1,000 slaves from each sorcerer-king each year to provide him with the power to maintain Rajaat's imprisonment. Eventually, he built the city of Ur Draxa in the Valley of Dust and Fire, deep within the Sea of Silt. Ur Draxa existed to protect the Dark Lens, a powerful artefact that had been instrumental in imprisoning Rajaat and could be used to free him.

Borys was recently killed by a mul gladiator named Rkard. Shortly after, Tithian used the Dark Lens to release Rajaat from The Hollow, and Ur Draxa was consumed by the Cerulean Storm.

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