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Dreadknight is a male comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.



Bram Velsing was a young blonde haired male from the kingdom of Latveria where he grew up to be an engineer to the nation and served Doctor Doom who ruled as the country's monarch. Though brilliant, he chaffed at being subservient to Victor von Doom and felt that he was superior to him. One night, Bram was out with his love Maria where he expressed his anger at Doom and a desire to supplant his leader. These were heard by Doctor Doom himself who alongside his guards apprehended Velsing who was arrested. Rather than kill him, Doom decided to punish the man by fusing a skull-shaped mask onto his face that was permanently bonded to him. As a result, Bram was forever scarred and left screaming as he fled on-foot from Latveria where exhaustion caused him to collapse during his travels. He was found by the Children that were the genetically engineered creations of Dr. Victor Frankenstein where they took him away and gave him shelter. This saw him being cared for by Frankenstein's granddaughter Victoria Frankenstein and Bram was nursed back to health in a castle. After seeing the charges under Baroness Frankenstein's care, Velsing decided to use them as an army as he plotted his revenge against Doctor Doom. He then crafted an armour for himself along with advanced weaponry as he took the identity of the Dreadknight. (Iron Man v1 #102)


Personality and attributes

Originally, Bram Velsing was a young blonde haired man that was noted for his handsome features. (Iron Man v1 #102)

Velsing was noted for his ambitious nature as he thought himself superior to Doctor Doom and intended to supplant the monarch as ruler of Latveria. After the skull-mask was forced on his face, Bram came to hate Doctor Doom and sought revenge against him. By this point, he had lacked pity and was willing to sacrifice every last part of his humanity in order to achieve his vengeance. (Iron Man v1 #102)

Before the incident that turned him into the Dreadknight, Bram was noted to have had a romantic relationship with a woman named Maria. This ended after Velsing was apprehended and taken away by Doctor Doom's forces. (Iron Man v1 #102)

Powers and abilities

It was said that he was a brilliant engineer with this trait leading to him fashioning a powerful armour and weapon lance for himself. (Iron Man v1 #102)

From Victoria Frankenstein's castle, he came to find the Hellhorse that was a mutated bat-winged horse that belonged to the original Black Knight. Victoria had attempted to return it to normal but her attempts led it to mutate it even more. Bram Velsing was then responsible for taming the beast and it became his steed as he took the identity of the Dreadknight. (Iron Man v1 #102)

It was noted that he was at a disadvantage in close range fighting with him seeking more open spaces to help defeat his foes. (Iron Man v1 #102)


  • Dreadknight was created by Bill Mantlo and George Tuska here it made its first appearance in Iron Man v1 #101 (August, 1977).

In other media


  • In Iron Man, Dreadknight appeared as a regular antagonist in the first season of the 1990s animated television series where he was voiced by actor Neil Dickson.



  • Iron Man v1:

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