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Dreggs is a naga who exists to serve the chief wizard of Stygia. Dreggs served Ram-Amon, before Wrath-Amon took power and he switched his loyalties to the new Stygian wizard. He served as Wrath-Amon's servant and scapegoat for at least two hundred years. When the Cimmerian barbarian Conan made an enemy of Wrath-Amon, one of Dreggs' goals was to eat Conan's phoenix Needle.

Later, Wrath-Amon was forced to remove the Black Ring while he molted, and ordered Dreggs to guard it with his life. Dreggs took the Black Ring and returned to Stygia, taking Wrath-Amon's place as supreme leader of Set's Serpent Men. He even took a queen, but his own incompetence made his stint as leader very brief, and Wrath-Amon was anything but pleased when Dreggs returned the Black Ring to him.

When Wrath-Amon was defeated after Set's return, Dreggs' loyalties quickly switched to Ram-Amon. He made another attempt to eat Needle, and was last seen having a large stone dropped on him. It is unknown whether Dreggs perished or not.

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