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Ed Killifer was a DEA agent agent who was assigned to watch over Franz Sanchez while the drug kingpin was being transported from the Bahamas to Quantico. Killifer turned traitor, helping Sanchez escape from the authorities in exchange for $2 million in cash. As a result, Killifer was indirectly responsible for the maiming of his "friend" Felix Leiter, and the death of Della Leiter.

Killifer later cornered James Bond at Milton Krest's marine research facility, holding him at gunpoint and planning to feed him to the very same shark that had mauled Leiter.

Fortunately for Bond, his friend Sharkey arrived at a crucial moment, allowing 007 to gain the upper hand. After a brief tussle, Killifer ended up dangling over the pool where the shark was kept. He attempted to bargain for his life with Bond, telling them of the $2 million, which was in a briefcase nearby. Not in the mood to bargain, Bond got the briefcase and chucked it at Killifer, causing him to drop down into the pool. He was quickly set upon by the shark and devoured.

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