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Edward Carraciola was a British Intelligence officer who along with Olaf Christiansen and Lee Thomas was secretly a German spy who answered to Colonel Wyatt-Turner. The three were chosen for a mission let by Major John Smith and Lieutenant Morris Schaffer to rescue General George Carnaby from the Schloss Adler in Bavaria. None of them suspected Carnaby was in reality actor Cartwright Jones, and thought the rescue attempt was genuine. As such, they attempted to thwart it. Throughout, Carraciola was unquestionably the leader of the trio, and was the most bold and ruthless one. It was he who murdered fellow team members George Harrod and Torrance-Smythe.

In the village near the castle, the group went to an inn called the Zum Wilden Hirsch, where they were caught by the SS. Although lead officer Weissner took Smith and Schaffer with him, Carraciola and the other two were taken to the Schloss Adler, where they happily revealed themselves to Colonel Paul Kramer and Reichsmarschal Julius Rosemeyer as Nazi agents. They were welcomed as guests in the dining hall where Carnaby was being interrogated.

Smith and Schaffer reappeared and held everyone at gunpoint. Smith pretended to be undercover SS man Johann Schmidt and convinced Kramer and Rosemeyer that Carraciola and his companions were impostors, double-agents sent to infiltrate the Third Reich posing as the real Christiansen, Carraciola and Thomas. In an attempt to prove themselves, Carraciola and the others wrote down the names of all their fellow spies back in Britain (including Wyatt-Turner), only to then realize this was Smith's game all along. Kramer, Rosemeyer and the other Schloss Adler Nazis were put out with drugs, whilst Carraciola and his fellow traitors were taken as hostages for Smith's team's daring escape from the castle.

In the Schloss Adler's cable car control room, Thomas feigned an injury, allowing Carraciola and Christiansen to jump Schaffer and take him hostage. They only let him go after Smith agreed to let them go free. Releasing Schaffer, they boarded one of the cable cars and tried to escape, but Smith had no intention of letting the three traitors get away. He leaped onto the roof with the intent of planting a bomb on it. Carraciola tried to shoot him through the ceiling, and, when that failed, he climbed up on the roof. A further attempt to shoot Smith failed, and then Carraciola was struck from behind by one of the cable car pylons, which swept him right off of the roof. He fell several thousands of feet to his death.


  • During the end scene on the plane, Wyatt-Turner refers to him as "Ted Carraciola."

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