Edward Parker

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Edward Parker

Edward Parker was a passenger aboard the Lady Vain which sank in the Pacific. He had been heading to meet his fiancee, Ruth Thomas, in Apia at the time. He drifted in a lifeboat until he was found by the Covena. Nursed back to health by Montgomery, he asked his new friend to send a wire to Ruth telling her had survived the sinking.

When Parker intervened on behalf of Montgomery's servant M'Ling who was being bullied by Captain Davies, the enraged captain threw Parker overboard once they had arrived at their destination, a small, unnamed island owned by the scientist Dr. Moreau. Moreau initially did not want Parker around, lest he learn of his experiments in vivisection, but when his most perfect creation, Lota, took a liking to Parker, Moreau plotted to have the two mate.

Even leaving aside his commitment to Ruth, Parker was horrified when he found out Lota was not entirely human, and had originally been a panther. He attacked Moreau but was kept imprisoned. Later, Ruth arrived with Captain Donahue looking for him. After Moreau decided he also wanted Ruth to mate with the beast man Ouran, the group tried to escape, resulting in Donahue's death, whom Moreau had commanded Ouran to kill.

Help came in the form of the beast people. The Sayer of the Law was incensed that Moreau had broken his own Law and so let a revolt against the scientist which resulted in his demise and the destruction of his laboratory. In the chaos, Parker and Ruth, assisted by Montgomery, slipped away and escaped aboard Donahue's waiting ship.

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