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Ouran was a beast man, one of Dr. Moreau's creations, apparently made from a gorilla. He was usually seen with Gola. After Moreau's scheme to have Lota, whom Ouran coveted, mate with Edward Parker failed, Moreau sought to instead have Ouran mate with Parker's fiancee Ruth Thomas. However, Ouran was driven away by Parker. When Captain Donahue made a run for his ship to get his crew, Moreau told Ouran to kill him. Ouran protested, saying the Law was not to spill blood, but Moreau insisted, and so Ouran slew the unfortunate sea captain.

Afterward, he was chastened for this act by the Sayer of the Law. However, the beast people at this point realized that if Donahue could die so could Moreau and so Ouran assisted in creating the rebellion against their creator. More interested in pursuing Lota (and to a lesser extent Ruth), Ouran did not join his fellow beast men in storming Moreau's compound. Instead he followed Parker, Ruth, Lota and Montgomery when they slipped out a side door. Lota, noticing Ouran, fell behind to fend him off. Ouran attempted to force himself upon the panther-woman, and the two killed one another.

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