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Eldrac is a male comic character that features in Marvel Comics.



Eldrac was an Inhuman who started out as a politician for a minor faction within their society. When he underwent Terrigenesis, Eldrac was transformed into a large immobile construct where he gained the abilities to teleport anyone. As a result, he became known as Eldrac the Door. While investigating a vessel of unknown origin on the Blue Area of the Moon, the Fantastic Four are greeted by the Inhuman Dal Damoc who explained that the vessel was the Universal City and was the one who showed them Eldrac who enabled them passage to the Universal Inhumans.[1] The Kymellian Queen Onomi Whitemane of the Universal Inhumans sent the Light Brigade into Eldrac so that he can send them into the Negative Zone.[2]

Black Bolt had Eldrac send Mister Fantastic, Nathaniel Richards, and Spider-Man back to Earth. Spider-Man even wondered if Eldrac can even send them back in time.[3] When Mister Fantastic had told Invisible Woman of Eldrac's abilities, it was discovered that Nathaniel Richards had ended up in Latveria because of an alternate Mister Fantastic called Alpha and that Spider-Man ended up at Avengers Mansion.[4] The Light Brigade later recalled how Eldrac sent them to the Negative Zone.[5]

During the Infinity storyline, Maximus had Eldrac teleport the remaining Inhumans to different locations at the time when Thanos invaded Attilan.[6]

During the Inhumanity storyline, Eldrac was hurled away to Battery Park following the destruction of Attilan and had survived the ordeal. Upon being mistaken for common wreckage, the area that Eldrac was in was roadblocked by a group of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents. Upon learning of Eldrac's survival, Medusa and her handmaiden Eljea arrive at Battery Park to collect Eldrac. After speaking to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agents, Medusa apologized to Eldrac for getting involved in Black Bolt's plan. Medusa then has Eldrac teleport her to Black Bolt. When Eldrac does so, Medusa is instead teleported to where the newly transformed Inhuman called Inferno was battling the Inhuman called Lash.[7]

During the Inhumans vs. X-Men storyline, Iso and Inferno are running from Wolverine and a time-displaced Angel where they have Eldrac send them through a portal to get away from them. Unfortunately for them, Old Man Logan was at the other end of the portal.[8]


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

Eldrac can teleport anyone to any location upon entering his mouth.


  • Eldrac was created by Jonathan Hickman and Dale Eaglesham where he made his first appearance in Fantastic Four v1 #577 (May, 2010).


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