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Elliot Kliban was an Enforcer scientist who had discovered, during a routine investigation, the hideout of Blackout, abandoned by the villain after having won the lottery. Rather than reporting it to his superiors, he used Blackout's name and his advanced technology in an effort to take over the world. Aided by robotic drones and dressing in a suit of armor, he begins stealing Megakat City's power stations by causing them to fall into bottomless pits using what he calls a "gravity beam." He demanded control over the city or else he'd continue stealing their power stations.

As Kliban, he was brought in by Callie Briggs who thought his scientific expertise may be of use, with no one suspecting he was the one causing trouble. He warned against directly fighting Blackout, since he could control gravity, prompting Mayor Manx to consider giving into Blackout's (Kliban's) demands. Both the SWAT Kats and Commander Feral refused to be intimidated.

In a bid to eliminate them Kliban predicted Blackout's next target, the primary power station responsible for supply electricity to both Enforcer Headquarters and City Hall. When both the SWAT Kats and the Enforcers went there, the power station was pulled violently underground. The Enforcers leaped free, while the SWAT Kats flew the Turbokat down into the hole and through a set of doors at the bottom, through which the stolen power station had been taken. In a massive subterranean realm, they battled against Blackout's robots before T-Bone was captured.

Kliban, in his suit of armor, gloated to T-Bone, who was able to figure out who he was, prompting the Enforcer scientist to take his mask off and insisted that since T-Bone had learned his dual identity, he had to kill him. After explaining how he found Blackout's hideout and technology and learned what had happened to the original owner, Kliban prepared to kill T-Bone when suddenly the Turbokat burst through the wall with Razor flying. He shot the main control panel. A panicking Kliban cried out that now he had no way of controlling the robots, which turned against him.

Kliban was captured by the SWAT Kats, who then got into the Turbokat. Using the X-Ray Beam, Razor could see the ocean on the other side of a wall, and fired a hole through it. Sea water flooded in and destroyed the subterranean base and all of the robots. T-Bone flew himself, Razor and Kliban to safey out through the hole and through the ocean, surfacing and flying back to Megakat City. Kliban's fate following the odreal is unknown.


  • Kliban was to have appeared in an episode titled Blackout, but it was never produced, existing only as a story treatment by Lance Falk.
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