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Mayor Manx was the great-grandson of the Blue Manx and the Mayor of Megakat City, Manx is the ultimate politician. Although not an evil individual, he is greedy, cowardly, and stupid, which ultimately makes him the worst possible candidate to run a major metropolitan city. Fortunately, he is also lazy, preferring to spend all his free time playing golf, and if he doesn't have free time, he'll go out of his way to make room for free time, often at the expense of more pressing matters that require his attention. This allows the much more intelligent and reliable Deputy Mayor Briggs to handle the important work and ensure that it's done properly.

Mayor Manx

The only time that the Mayor ever takes the time to actually perform his civic duties is when there's something in it for him, such as pestering Mr. Young to invest in the city or throwing money at research that could potentially lead to a big payoff like Dr. Zyme's Viper Mutagen 368 - which the Mayor originally wanted Zyme to call the "Manx Formula," or when it's got anything at all to do with the Manx family name, name that, thanks to the exploits of his great-grandfather, brings with it much fame and respect; undeserved fame and respect which the Mayor lives off of like a parasite.

Known examples of this include the grand openings of the Manx Wing at the Megakat City Museum of History and the Manx Municipal Park, the latter of which contains a statue of the Mayor himself at its center, and, of course, the Blue Manx jet.

Unlike Commander Ulysses Feral, Manx doesn't really see a problem with the Swat Kats. At least when they're saving his beloved city from massive property damage by villains (although he tends to overlook the fact that the Swat Kats often cause more damage stopping said villains than the villains could ever accomplish by themselves). He turns a deaf ear to Feral's pleas that the Swat Kats be arrested, while at the same time refusing to actually publicly acknowledge them out of fear of looking bad for endorsing vigilantism.

But, at the drop of a hat, the Mayor will turn against them if it suits him, such as when he finally gave Feral the go-ahead to bring them in when they were framed for various acts of destruction by the criminal mastermind Dark Kat and his accomplice Hard Drive. However since it was later proven that they were indeed framed, the Mayor thanked them for bringing Dark Kat and Hard Drive to justice and returning the money the criminals had stolen from the city treasury (note, of course, that they actually did return his money and bring the villains to justice; one wonders how the Mayor would've "thanked" them if the evildoers had escaped and the money had been accidentally destroyed).

Being the Mayor makes Manx a prime target for plenty of villains, and more than once his death has been sought by such criminals as Doctor Viper, the Pastmaster, and Madkat. He was also at one point a target of the Metallikats, who they believed had denied their parole while they were in Alkatraz, but they turned their vengeance towards the Deputy Mayor she revealed that she, not Manx, had denied their pardon.

However, the most personal enemy of Manx in his whole life has been, of course, the ghost of the Red Lynx, slain by his great-grandfather during Mega War II and seeking the destruction of every one of the Blue Manx's descendants. In a rare display of courage, the Mayor (with some help from the Swat Kats) fulfilled the prophecy that the Red Lynx could only die again by the hand of a Manx, ending the threat of the ghost pilot forever.

Mayor Manx is a short, middle-aged kat with thinning white hair. He wears a dark gray toupee in a vain effort to hide his receding hairline, nevermind the fact it doesn't even match his natural hair color and sticks out like a sore thumb.


  • Due to the fact that Mayor Manx was actively sought by Madkat as "the King," it is possible that Manx had another ancestor, this one in the Dark Ages, who ruled by the side of Queen Callista.
  • In the Swat Kats game for Super Nintendo, although Mayor Manx never actually appears, he is the one who contacts the Swat Kats and alerts them of dangerinstead of Callie Briggs.
  • Manx would've had a supporting role in the unfinished second season episode Succubus!, in which he introduced Commander Feral to Katrina Moorkroft and attended the concert at the Moorkroft Philharmonic Hall with them.
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