Emile Leopold Locque

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Emile Leopold Locque was a quiet, insane assassin from Brussels who escape from a mental institution by strangling his own psychiatrist. He was hired by Aristotle Kristatos to kill Sir Timothy and Lady Iona Havelock, and did so through Hector Gonzalez. His signature was leaving a dove pin on his victims. He also killed James Bond's fellow MI6 agent Luigi Ferraro as well as the Countess Lisl Von Schlaff.

When Bond and Milos Columbo raided one of Kristatos' warehouses, Locque escaped in his Mercedes. Bond pursued him and shot Locque through the windshield, wounding him. Locque then crashed the Mercedes against a guardrail on the edge of a cliff, where he found himself teetering precariously. Approaching him, Bond tossed in the dove pin Locque had left on Ferraro's corpse; the extra weight sent Locque's car plummeting over the cliff to his death.

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