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Emmy Kano was a member of the Equal Environment Earth Union, serving under Chuck Wilson. She was the only member of Wilson's inner circle who was Japanese. Initially, Emmy was part of Wilson's plan to take over Japan by traveling back in time to 1944 and erasing Godzilla from history, by removing the Godzillasaurus from Lagos Island and replacing him with three Dorats that became King Ghidorah, and then returning to 1992. However she eventually felt remorseful and turned against Wilson, revealing her boss' plan to the writer Kenichiro Terasawa. She also reprogrammed Wilson's android bodyguard M-11.

In a bid to sever the Union's control of Ghidorah during his battle with the new Godzilla, Emmy used their own time machine to teleport Wilson's ship into Godzilla's path. Godzilla's stomic breath destroyed the ship and the controls, allowing Godzilla to defeat Ghidorah. Bidding farewell to Kenichiro, Emmy then went with M-11 to the future where they recovered the corpse of Ghidorah and rebuilt him into Mecha-King Ghidorah, which they subsequently sent back to 1992 to defeat the new Godzilla.

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