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Godzilla is one of the best-known and most feared of kaiju, the so-called "King of the Monsters."



Godzilla was a gigantic mutated dinosaur created by nuclear testing in 1954. Its name came from the inhabitants of Odo Island, who were among the first to encounter the creature. Travelling to Japan, the monster devastated the nation's cities, using its massive size and strength along with its ability to fire blasts of atomic fire. The monster was finally slain by Dr. Serizawa's oxygen destroyer weapon.

Showa Era

Originally known as Gigantis, the Fire Monster, he first appeared a few years after the death of Godzilla and attacked Japan, eventually competing with another monster known as Anguirus. Eventually imprisoned in an northern iceberg by a pair of intrepid pilots, Gigantis escaped and, renamed Godzilla, began to rampage anew.

Over the years, Godzilla battled numerous other monsters as well as the Japanese Self-Defense Force, but gradually began to take on other monsters out of a seeming desire to defend humanity. By the time he was battling monsters such as Megalon and Mechagodzilla, he was more or less a hero, dwelling on Monster Island with his friend Anguirus and his "son" Minilla.

By 1999, however, Godzilla was among those monsters imprisoned on Monster Island, and was used by the Kilaaks to attack New York City. Once freed from the aliens' control, he led other monsters to defeat King Ghidorah before returning to his home.


Godzilla developed many powers over the years (most of which made only single appearances), such as the ability to fly with controlled atomic breath blasts and super-magnetism.


Godzilla allied with Zonefighter.

Video Games

In various video games for the NES, Super NES, and Gamecube, Godzilla was an implacable foe of various invading aliens.

Heisei Era

Apparently the original Godzilla, somehow reborn, he returned to ravage Tokyo in 1985 and proceeded to endanger Japan and battle other kaiju for many years afterward. Godzilla was originally a Godzillasaurus, possibly last of his species, who lived on Lagos Island. During World War II, the Godzillasaurus (inadvertently) saved a troop of Japanese soldiers from an American assault, being grievously wounded in the process. This island was later subject to an atomic test, transforming him into the monster that attacked Japan in 1954.

A group of time-travellers from the 23rd century, seeking to prevent Japan from becoming an economic superpower in the future, transported Godzilla from his original location to an island in the Bering Sea, replacing him with three genetically-engineered dorats which became King Ghidorah. However, rather than preventing Godzilla's existence, they accidentally placed him where a sunken nuclear sub would expose him to more radiation, creating a larger, stronger and more aggressive Godzilla that destroyed Ghidorah during its assault on Japan.

Godzilla battled on, eventually adopting another Godzillasaurus-like creature (that eventually became known as Godzilla Junior) as his "son." The kaiju eventually battled Destoroyah, spawn of the oxygen destroyer, as its radioactive heart began to melt down. Godzilla finally died after that fight, but Godzilla Jr. was mutated by his radiation into a new Godzilla.


Godzilla was known for its G-Cells, which gave it incredible regenerative ability, and its ability to feed on radiation.

Dark Horse Comics

Godzilla also battled additional foes in the present and across time.

Millennium Era

There have been several different Godzillas in the Millennium series of films, each having its origins in the original but taking different paths. Unless otherwise indicated, it can be assumed each of these versions exists in its own unique continuity.

  • Godzilla 2000: Possibly the Godzilla that was once Godzilla Junior, its origins are never detailed, save that it was known to the people of Japan. It attacked Japan and battled Orga.
  • Godzilla vs. Megaguirus: This Godzila attacked Japan repeatedly since 1954, each time destroying things related to nuclear power or other unusual energy sources. It was attracted to Japan in 2002, battling Megaguirus and destroying a secret energy experiment.
  • Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack: Different on a basic level from the others, this Godzilla was empowered by the angry spirits of the dead from the Pacific theatre of World War II; since more were enemies of Japan than Japanese, it attacked Japan. It battled the Guardian Monsters and was barely defeated thanks to a Japanese hero. However its heart survived, meaning it may regenerate to attack again.
  • Godzilla X Mechagodzilla, Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, Mothra: Tokyo S.O.S.: This incarnation (which is apparently a variation of the Showa version) was one of a string of creatures that attacked Japan over the years; however, it was not the original, whose skeleton survived and (along with Godzilla's DNA) was incorporated into the systems of Kiryu.
  • Godzilla: Final Wars: ?


Godzilla's return heralded a new age of kaiju attacks across the world.

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The creature's actual Japanese name was "Gojira." All of the different Godzilla incarnations above followed the original version, although each obviously followed very different paths. The American Godzilla apparently existed in the same universe as the events of Giant Monsters All-Out Attack,and definatly in Final Wars.

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