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The Enchanters Three are a team that features in Marvel Comics.



The Enchanters Three were a team of individuals from the realm of Ringsfjord that existed in the extradimensional dimension of Asgard. For countless ages, they were said to had been content to rule their own domain. (Thor v1 #143)

With Forsung's death, Odin shattered his Living Talisman whereupon he dispatched Brona and Magnir into the Lost Limbo of Infinity Unending. (Thor v2 #15) The remaining brother Enrakt learnt of their fate and spent years searching for them in order to free the other Enchanters from their imprisonment. After much difficulty, they managed to escape that dimension and secretly arrived in the home of the sorceress Ceranda whereupon they plotted their revenge against All-Father Odin and his son Thor. (Thor v2 #16)


It was said that their power came from beyond the realm of Asgard and equal to that of Odin himself. They were a group known to be most evil and most powerful of all living foes. With a gesture, they could cause the ground to become akin to quicksand and drag those standing on it to their doom. (Thor v1 #143)

On their chests, they wore the Living Talismen that were magical artifacts that had a spirit of their own and served their masters. These talisman's were said to be possessed of power beyond comprehension. (Thor v1 #143)

They could transform mortals into grey-skinned demons to do their bidding. (Thor v2 #16)


  • Forsung : male Enchanter and noted for being the eldest of the brothers. (Thor v1 #144)
  • Brona : (Thor v1 #143)
  • Magnir : (Thor v1 #143)
  • Enrakt : brother to the other Enchanters who swore to avenge the death of Forsung at the hands of Odin. (Thor v2 #14)


  • The Enchanters Three were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby where they made their first appearance in Thor v1 #143 (August, 1967).


  • Thor v1:
  • Thor v2:

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