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Enigma in Trinity v1 #26.

Enigma is a male comic character who features in DC Comics.



Edward Nashton was a male human who was born on Earth-3 that was located within the Anti-Matter Universe. (Trinity v1 #21)

Eventually, he decided to operate as a masked hero on his Earth where he went under the name of the Quizmaster. He came to love the game of fighting real-life puzzles and challenge himself out in the world. This led to him often opposing Owlman and his villainous sidekick the Mouse Wonder. In this time, he circumvented the supervillain's security measures and shut down a number of his sweatshops. (Trinity v1 #21) During his early days, he as the Quizmaster worked alongside similar such champions in the Justice Underground as they opposed the Crime Syndicate of America. (JLA Secret Files and Origins v1 #2004) His activities eventually drew a harsher response from their foes with Ultraman using his heat vision to burn the left side of Quizmaster's face. Though injured, he managed to escape only to find that the Syndicate had attacked his home where they killed his wife and son. Nashton's daughter was critically injured and was dying with Edward taking her to his laboratory below that remained intact. He used the equipment to transfer his daughter Stephie's mind into a mechanical sphere so that she could still live. (Trinity v1 #21)


Personality and attributes

Initially, he operated as a hero on his Earth where he worked under the name of the Quizmaster. (Trinity v1 #21)

During his youth, it was said that he had learnt the truth about the world through puzzles and games. This truth was that the world was a great mystery just waiting to be solved. It also contained rules to understand and secrets that were waiting to be discovered by him. By adulthood, he started seeing it as a puzzle that was beyond him and more of a quiz with no answers no matter how hard he tried to find them. Decades later, he came to learn that his Earth was one of many in the Multiverse but that his world had a reverse alignment towards its morals. Thus, on his Earth, right was wrong and wrong was right with this explaining his long feelings of being out of place as well as unsettled. As such, he felt that he did no belong in the world but this did not matter to him as he found love. (Trinity v1 #21)

Nashton eventually looked to be a hero on his world where he committed 'perverse' acts of kindness that were deemed morally wrong on Earth-3. (Trinity v1 #21)

By his adulthood, he came to fall in love and married with his wife giving birth to his son and his daughter Stephie. However, his wife and son were killed with his daughter badly injured leading to Edward having to transfer her mind into S.P.H.E.R.E. (Trinity v1 #21)

Powers and abilities

He was shown to possess a keen scientific mind and had a laboratory hidden underneath his house. Such was his technical skill that he was able to transfer the mind of a dying human into a mechanical construct. It was this that allowed him to save his daughter Stephie by encasing her mind within S.P.H.E.R.E. (Trinity v1 #21)


  • Enigma was created by Kurt Busiek and Ron Garney where he made his first Appearance in JLA Secret Files and Origins v1 #2004 (November, 2004).
  • The character was based on the Riddler who was created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang.


  • JLA Secret Files and Origins v1: (2004)
  • Trinity v1: (2004)

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